Pro Patria Coffee

Serving those who serve.
A proud Canadian coffee company.

Zero Hour Medium Roast Coffee by Pro Patria Coffee

“For One’s Country”

PRO PATRIA© is not a polite type of coffee.
It is a loyal, strong and free brand.
A brand that gives you the freedom to choose the best part of your day.

When you serve your country and your community, failure is not an option. Creating the best quality coffee is important to us. Whether you are on the front lines, side lines, or in the rear with the gear, at times a good cup of coffee is all you have.

PRO PATRIA COFFEE© COMPANY is Veteran Owned and Operated

Our Commitment to Those Who Serve

It reflects our Canadian roots and historical bravery that put Canada on the map and is recognized as a resilient, hardy, and steadfast people. Our aim at PRO PATRIA© Coffee is to provide our patrons with a high-quality roast guaranteed to wake them up the right way and keep them moving forward.

Zero Hour Medium Roast Coffee by Pro Patria Coffee

Zero Hour • High Quality Roast

PRO PATRIA COFFEE© COMPANY is committed to using the highest-quality beans to create a unique flavour you can enjoy.

Zero Hour {noun}: “The scheduled time for the start of an operation or action, especially a combat operation of great size”

Canada Maple Leaf


PRO PATRIA COFFEE© COMPANY is committed to supporting veteran programming, community initiatives, and local organizations who devote their time to building a strong foundation for future generations.

Rude Awakaning Tour

Rude Awakening Tour

Raising awareness about the side effects of mefloquine toxicity.

Veterans for Freedom | Supporting Veterans

Veterans for Freedom

A non-profit human rights advocacy and veteran community group.

CaloWarren Crossing Farm

CaloWarren Crossing Farms

Teaching communities about small-scale farming, composting, and more.


Our Story

Pro Patria started with the meeting of two veterans at a Remembrance Day parade, developing into a friendship with daily breakfast and a cup of coffee at the local diner, and moving to Cameron’s front porch to accommodate the growing number of veterans, showing up for “buddy check” debriefing sessions and a good cup of coffee.

Ryan Hummel, CEO and Founder of Pro Patria Coffee

Ryan Hummel

CEO and Founder

Cameron Tetreault, COO of Pro Patria Coffee

Cameron Tetreault

COO and Co-Founder

Canada Maple Leaf


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