Pro Patria Coffee

“For One’s Country”

PRO PATRIA©is not a polite type of coffee.
It is a loyal, strong and free brand.
A brand that gives you the freedom to choose the best part of your day.

When you serve your country and your community, failure is not an option.
Creating the best quality coffee is important to us.
hether you are on the front lines, side lines, or in the rear with the gear, at times a good cup of coffee is all you have.

PRO PATRIA COFFEE©COMPANY is Veteran Owned & Operated
Our Commitment to Those Who Serve

It reflects our Canadian roots and historical bravery that put Canada on the map and recognized as a resilient, hardy, and steadfast people.
Our aim at PRO PATRIA© Coffee is to provide our patrons with a high-quality roast guaranteed to wake you up the right way and keep you moving forward.

ZERO HOUR – High Quality Roast

PRO PATRIA COFFEE© COMPANY is committed to using the highest-quality beans to create a unique flavour you can enjoy.

Zero Hour {noun}: “The scheduled time for the start of an operation or action, especially a combat operation of great size”



PRO PATRIA COFFEE© COMPANY is committed to supporting veteran programming, community initiatives, and local organizations
who devote their time to building a strong foundation for future generations.

Currently, a portion of our merchandise proceeds is supporting the Sooke Boxing Club.
Sooke Boxing works to empower members of all ages to build self-esteem, respect, and discipline.
They believe in building a community of support and belonging.


Sooke Boxing Club

Blackhops Brewing

Mad Hatters
Mad Hatter Industries

Canuck Canada
Canuck Canada




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Visionary and founder of Pro Patria Coffee Company, Ryjøn like his forefathers before him, served in the Canadian Forces joining the Royal Canadian Regiment as an infanteer in 1996 and completed his career as a Weapons Technician in the Electrical Mechanical Engineer branch of the Canadian forces in 2015.

Ryjøn helped establish the Sooke Boxing Club in 2016 and is the former Vice President and Assistant Head Coach. He is committed to supporting community initiatives and veteran programs. His desire to combine his love of good coffee veterans, first-responders, and community initiatives serves as the driving force behind the Pro Patria brand.

Cameron served 9 years in 3PPCLI with a tour of duty in Kandahar, Afghanistan as the VIP security detail for the Commander of the PRT mission, during OP-ARCHER. After his release, he started on a new journey of owning a farm and establishing a homestead. His hard-work and perseverance have allowed him to conquer new challenges. Cameron believes serving the community encourages connection and support among generations of veterans. The love of coffee facilitates this connection. Cameron continues to serve as a Corporal in the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol group and as a local boxing coach for the Two Rivers boxing club in Quesnel, BC.

Alberta-born, prairie-raised farm girl, Cheri Tetreault is no stranger to the importance of a cup of coffee as necessary sustenance to start the day. She has dedicated years to the Public Service for both the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and Government of BC in the Revenue Division.

Cheri has a diploma in Business Administration and is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences. She is no stranger to sacrifice as a wife of a veteran and a mother of three. Her dedication to others in the public service and the health care field is an example of what our Pro Patria team is all about.

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